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Photoshop Samples

Below are samples of photoshopped content I worked on this year.


24 was a birthday gift I created for my girlfriend. I used photos from around the time we started dating all the way to the most recent pictures. The idea was to create a printed vinyl record.



III was another practice project that I made for my father. When I got more familiar with photoshop, my favorite things to play with were the the quick selection tool and the curves in the camera raw filter. The picture that I used was taken one the day my parents got married.

"Deprived of Love" Single Cover

Deprived of love is a song by a friend that goes by Black Nouva. The conversation of my making the cover came up and I took it as a chance to experiment.

Remember Me

Remember Me came about after I took pictures for my magazine Hopeless. There were pictures that I planned on using and this happened to be one. My main goal was to use get comfortable using the threshold and the color overlaying. For the text, I wrote "Remember Me" as a placeholder, but I ended up liking it a lot, so I grabbed some quotes I said and threw them onto the image to go along with the theme.

Tubi Continued

This was one of my graduation photos taken by a friend of mine, Tigist Ashaka. Since I was a regular in my school's radio station, I wanted to have some pictures taken there. At the time that I started using it, it was partially because it was one of the cleaner photos I could use. This was also when I started using the curve in the camera raw filter.

Nylon Assignment: Aubrey PLaza

This is my version of a Nylon magazine cover. Out of the two, I enjoyed making this one the most because I transfigured shapes for my background, and used a Five Nights at Freddy's reference with one of my favorite actresses.

Magazine Assignment: Jean Deaux

For this assignment, I had to make a mimic and my own cover for a company's magazine and I decided to go with Nylon. This is my mimic cover and I chose to follow the August 2022 covers. Out of the two, this is my favorite because I appreciate the clean look.

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