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About Me

My name is Alfred R. Johnson IV and I'm a recent graduate from  Hampton University, majoring in Strategic Communications. For years, music and writing have both been my passion. From my first poem in 8th grade, to my first book Lost In Space, published my senior year of high school. After working on making my own music, I've been able to utilize my knowledge and skills for writing and audio engineering in a progressive environment and work space.



Before I started writing, I had trouble finding ways to articulate my thoughts and feelings. After writing my first poem Would It Be?, I started to feel more comfortable with writing and discovered that I, not only had a new skill, but a new passion that I'd been fond of exploring. Within the past few years, I've been working with audio production, script writing, and graphic design, stretching my creative skill as far as I can. ​

During my junior year at Hampton University, I've become eager to get more involved on campus. My passion for writing helped me, as I was a writer for the Hampton Script, WHOV-TV and WHOV Radio. My passion for making music has also played a part in my campus activities, helping me to understand Adobe Audition and using it for WHOV Radio and the JAC 452 Up In The Air



Below, you will find my resume. I have been active on campus, working with different clubs and exploring different outlets.

I've been a member of The Hampton Script, the official newspaper for Hampton University, as an opinion writer.

I have been a part of WHOV-TV, where I wrote news scripts about campus activities and interviewed people that were involved.

After, I switched over to WHOV Radio, where I wrote scripts, reported, engineered, and produces newscasts throughout the week.

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